Today’s Politics: The Labels Don’t Make Sense! – Health Reform

Politicians, and those, who accept them, generally use assertive labels, either to analyze themselves, or abuse their political foes! These simplistic labels, often, include: conservative; liberal; progressive; moderate; socialist; amusing democrat; and, communist. Wouldn’t it make, far added sense, if, instead, of labeling, and/ or, branding, someone, for political motives, we carefully examined, and considered, not alone their rhetoric, and/ or promises, but, their actions, ideas, and, votes? It appears, we acutely live, in alarming times, if America, is led, by an individual, who makes statements, daily, based on his personal/ political agenda, and cocky – interest, rather than the accepted good, and all-embracing assurance of the world! With that in mind, this commodity will attack to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, what this means, and the differences, amid acceptable labels, and reality.

1. Conservative: Traditionally, a conservative, believed in abate government, chargeless trade, responsible/ counterbalanced budgets, and the role, this nation should angle for, accompanying to the amount attempt of freedom, liberty, and justice, for all. Today, this has becomes, topsy – turvy, and many, who alarm themselves, conservatives, arise to, alone be so, if it’s convenient, for their claimed agenda. How can anyone, who states, this is his philosophy, accept of the 2017 tax reform, which created, astronomic deficits (record – breaking)? These titles, originally intended, to relate, to economics, accept been expanded, to include, religious behavior (and policies), abolishment of regulations (especially, accompanying to environment), and policies, which favor, apparently, a boyhood of Americans, rather than the accepted good!

2. Liberal/ progressive: For years, advanced bread-and-butter policy, was for beyond government, and, an emphasis, on the average class, alive class, and poorer Americans, rather than the wealthiest! Traditionally, the civilian rights movement, pro – activity challenges, etc, were befriended, by, this view. The arguments, acclimated to be, added based, on how things, would be paid for, than guaranteeing, assertive rights. Conservatives, generally have, acclimated this label, as an apparent, alarm – tactic, claiming, there is a bright choice, and benefit, for abetment the bourgeois agenda!

3. Socialist; amusing democrat; communist: Every time, legislation is, either, introduced, or expanded, to accommodate added government benefits, we attestant assertive politicians, scream, Socialist, or Communist, generally application these labels, as if, they were the aforementioned thing! The acceptable analogue of socialism, is, application government allotment (raised by taxes, fees and revenues), to actualize and establish, specific assurance nets, in the areas of bloom care, chief protections, and attention those, most, in need. The United States, although, considered, a backer nation, has, for generations, accumulated capitalism, with assertive left-wing programs. Some of those programs, include: Amusing Security; Medicare; Medicaid, advancement roads, etc. If most, anticipate about communism, they envision, the former, Soviet Union, and Russia, and focus on politics, while, the aboriginal base of this idea, was an bread-and-butter one. In reality, the abutting to, accurate communism (economic), is a Kibbutz.

4. Moderate: What does it mean, if someone, refers to himself, as a moderate, and/ or, a centrist? Mike Bloomberg has generally articulate his belief, we alone get things accomplished, if a leader, rules, from the center. This means, neither side, gets all they want, but the focus, is on, creating a affair – of – the – minds! There should not be, any, one – admeasurement – fits – all, because, there may be, assertive instances, if accurate conservatism, is wisest (for example, amenable budgetary planning), while the advanced agenda, ability be preferable, in its action for specific rights, freedoms, and principles!

Wake up, America, and avoid, simplistic labels. Look at the bigger – picture, and defend, the principles, which accomplish America, absolutely great!


Wake – Up, America: Elections Have Ramifications!

While, Americans accept the right, to vote, I often, feel, it’s a shame, it’s not, also, an obligation, to do so, responsibly, and in a able-bodied – advised manner! For example, in the 2016 Presidential elections (and, historically, the better aborigine assembly is for the vote, for President), beneath than half, the acceptable voters, acclimatized this right. Because of this, a able-bodied – coordinated, motivated minority, can accept someone, behindhand of, whether, he is best – suited, for the position! About every study, survey, and poll, seems to indicate, President Donald Trump, rarely garners, added than about 45%, favorable ratings (the ambit has been from mid – 30′s, to mid – 40′s), and his amount supporters (political base), is almost 35%. Although, contempo acclamation indicate, he is viewed, favorably, by about 90% of those, anecdotic as Republicans, this accept to be understood, in the context, of, aswell realizing, far beneath people, today, accede themselves, Republicans, than above-mentioned to the endure civic election. How often, accept you heard, someone, state, they don’t vote, because, either, their vote doesn’t count, and/ or, they don’t like any applicant (for example, saying, They’re all the same). With that in mind, this commodity will attack to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, why the after-effects of elections, accept ramifications.

1. Environment/ altitude change: Perhaps, added than any added issue, ecology planning, requires consistent, regular, able-bodied – considered, planning. The present administering denies altitude change, has approved to abolish the United States, from the Paris Accords, and antipodal abounding apple-pie air, and apple-pie water, regulations. The ramifications of this, potentially, may be dire, for the health, and able-bodied – being, of approaching generations, because, the abridgement of foresight, and safe actions, today, will affect the world, for decades!

2. Women’s rights: President Trump has, often, appealed to his base, by articulating. a, so – called, Anti – Choice, agenda. It is not, as if, abortions did not occur, above-mentioned to the historic, Roe v Wade, decision, but, only, that, safe ones, were often, rare, etc! There has been an attack to minimize, assertive aspects of concepts, such as Equal Rights, and pay consistency.

3. World safety/ all-embracing relations: Mr. Trump’s negotiating style, is far altered from antecedent American leaders, and, while, he articulates a able policy, it appears, the impact, is often, appreciably different! A lot of surveys indicate, this nation has lost, abundant of its respect, from added nations, and, abandoning antecedent pacts and agreements, creates a scenario, area we become beneath trusted, and/ or, respected!

4. Economics/ deficits/ priorities: In the accomplished two years, we accept witnessed barter wars, tariffs, an America – First, focus, a tax ameliorate (which, although, was described, as a average – class, tax cut, primarily, benefited, the wealthiest), etc. A celebrated amplification of America’s debt, will eventually, accept to be paid, by approaching generations!

5. Immigration/ The Wall: The equating of a proposed, bags of miles, of wall, forth our Southern Border, to, bound security, and safety, appears to be, both, inaccurate, and, a beneath than stellar, image! Everyone agrees, bound security, and safety, are needed, and essential, but, prioritizing architecture a wall, which a lot of believe, is abortive and expensive, may not be, in the overall, best interests of our nation, from a accordant and sustainable, standpoint!

Never again, alibi your apathy, by saying, all politicians are the same! While, few may be ideal (after all, they are people), there are cogent differences, and our decisions/ elections, accept ramifications!

– Health Reform